How to validate an email and avoid frauds?

If you are using email for your company’s marketing actions, you must check that these addresses to be real. In this post, we tell you how to validate an email and avoid bounced emails that may affect the statistics of your marketing campaigns.

Why do you need to validate an email?

Some professionals believe that verifying an email address is not necessary. Instead, they think manually cleaning their address lists hat is enough.

However, there are many reasons why validating an email is a good idea.

Increase postal delivery rates If the recipients’ email addresses are verified, they are much more likely to open the email and read it.

Avoid email bouncing. It may happen that if your emails are bounced due to reaching false addresses, they will be considered spam.

Enhance your reputation. Sending emails to the wrong addresses can often cause other users to blacklist you so that even emails sent to the correct addresses are rejected.

Get more reliable measurements. For example, if most of your email address list is made up of false addresses, the opening rate can be misleading when you run an email marketing campaign.

Cut costs. When you send emails for a marketing campaign, you invest financial resources and time to reduce if you verify the email addresses.

Delete temporary addresses. In some cases, users create one-time addresses to subscribe to a newsletter or other service. These types of addresses work for a while and then stop working, so it is important to clean and remove them.

Find typos in the mail addresses. For example, a person may unintentionally mistake their email and registers; validating an email helps to find and correct these errors.

Ways to validate an email address

At, we have several ways to validate an email so that we adapt to your needs. Different ways in which email validation can be done:

Through the internet, from anywhere you have access.

– Through our APIs that can be integrated into your applications.

– By transferring data to our servers so that we will make the sending

– bespoke development tailored to your needs.

Ways to validate an email address

The validation of an email address tells you whether the email ID is real or fake. For example, to validate an email, you can :

Check the mail and delete it. It is an option that may not be appropriate since you may be eliminating a potential client accidentally.

Send test email. It can be done from a real account or a fictitious one. Also, in this case, errors could occur that lead to deleting correct addresses.

Verify an email without sending anything. For this method, there are two alternatives:

o Check the email syntax. It is a long and laborious process that takes much time, and mistakes can be made.

o Use an email verification tool. An email verification tool brings benefits such as

  • Accuracy The automatic verification tools are precise to clean mailing lists and verify that the email addresses reach real people.
  • The speed. Email verification tools are high-speed, you upload the list (or use another method as we have seen before), and the tool does all the work.
  • Reduces email bounces The use of manual checking systems or tools that are not automatic can lead to errors that can affect the reputation of the company or the results of marketing campaigns. With email verification tools, errors are significantly reduced, and email opening rates are optimized.
  • Adaptation to each particular case. You can validate a specific email to enter it in a list of verified emails or a complete list of emails.

How often should an email be verified?

If you have an email list, you don’t need to check its validity very often, but it is essential to do it periodically. Some cases in which it is necessary to verify an email are the following:

– When a new email address is added to your list.

– If the bounce rate of a mailing is high.

When you haven’t done verification for some time, you can make quarterly or monthly reviews depending on the number of addresses you have on your list. In the case where they are lists in which there are frequent changes, you may need more revisions.

As you have seen, in, we know that validating an email will help you optimize your marketing campaigns and obtain better results.

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