Is anything rotten in ecommerce? Merchant Risk Council, Copenhagen, Denmark

From 24 to 26 September Copenhagen held the l Merchant Risk Council ( European Platinum Meeting. The event will gather professionals, traders and suppliers of payment and anti fraud solutions. The program includes tests, conferences and networking. participates in the meeting and gives a lecture on registered electronic communications as the definite solution  to prevent identity fraud.

Online fraud is on the rise, specially friendly fraud, thought there is nothing friendly about it. Friendly fraud occurs when a cardholder actually made the purchase but later claims the transaction was not authorized. Sometimes, a friendly fraudster claims the product or service was never delivered – even though it was. attends the event in Denmark to learn first hand the state of fraud in Europe and to talk about the solutions registered electronic communications provide to prevent fraud.

Registered electronic communications (Registered SMS, registered email, Stamp ID, Stamphoto …) provide the evidence you need after a transaction,an order or delivery takes place,once a contract has been accepted, a claim has been sent …

Thus, it is possible to prove that a client has received by email the ticket bought online if it is sent by registered email; it is easier to prove that a messenger delivered the mobile phone sent by the telephone company, if the messenger makes a Stamphoto of the package together with a picture of the identity card at the very moment of the delivery, or it is also possible to demonstrate that a budget was accepted by the customer if it is sent by registered electronic contracting (SMS or email) means. If any of the users from the above examples claim not to have received the ticket, the mobile phone or not having accepted any budget, the company can prove their claim is  not warranted.

The MRC is the foremost global non-profit organization that fully supports and promotes operational excellence for fraud, payments and risk professionals within e-commerce.

The organization provides training, discussion groups and holds conferences every year in different cities of Europe and America, such as Copenhagen, attended by leaders and representatives of the e-commerce industry, dealers, suppliers, vendors. Conferences feature webinars, networking and talks.

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