para que sirve la tecnología OCR

Obtaining CUPS codes (MPNA) and other applications

Until recently, when a company received a hard copy printed invoice or in digital format and wanted to include it in a corporate tool, it had to be done manually. With OCR technology, written texts will automatically be converted into a digital format to be easily managed. This post tells you what this technology consists of, how it can be used, and its benefits.

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que es la verificación de la identidad digital

What is digital identity verification, and how is it done?

We are increasingly making Internet transactions such as bank transfers, purchases or service contracts. For these transactions, the digital identity must be verified correctly to know that a person is the one who claims to be and to avoid identity thefts. That’s why there’s an increase among companies in using safer means of identification that give customers confidence while preventing fraud.

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servicio de notificaciones electronicas

Know what electronic notification services offer

Do you want to increase the service portfolio of your business to work more simply? Then, you need to find out electronic notification services. Nowadays, companies send many notifications that need more or less security or proof of receipt, depending on each case. Companies are already aware of the importance of electronic notifications and, in fact, according to data, notifications by Registered email increased over 900% if we compare December 2019 and December 2020

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