Xavier Berneda, Director general de Munich

At some time in the near future, how shall we be able to reach the client?

Xavier Berneda, Managing Director at Munich fitted us in his agenda to discuss about company, the challenges and Lleida.net services. MUNICH was born in 1939 designing and producing technical sport shoes as football, handball or boxing. In recent years, the firm has achieved a privileged place in the realm of street wear and has obtained an …

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How magic potions empower your ecommunications

Druid in ancient Gaul and Britain, handle cauldrons masterfully, brewing potions providing power to those who drink it . These magic potions brewed by Lleida.net when used, enhances the strength of your ecommunications to superhuman proportions. Druids never reveal their recipe, but we can tell you about some of our ingredients. Better than not knowing …

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