Stamphoto y el Camino de Santiago

On a pilgrimage with Stamphoto

  In the heyday of the pilgrimage pilgrims wored a prescribed – and spartan- outfit: a black wide-brimmed hat, coat, bag and sandals.The scallop shell is the emblem of the pilgrimage. You are able to tell a 2.0 pilgrim  by the clothes: raincoats Gore text boots, ergonomic backpacks, GPS and smartphones. Don’t wait to add Stamphoto … Read moreOn a pilgrimage with Stamphoto

Passation électronique de contrats pour PME

SMEs also have the right to econtract

We are happy to announce  our latest service Connectaclick Basic, now  available in Tools. The service is intended to facilitate electronic contracting. With Connectaclick Basic anyone can create a template for email messages, attach a contract proposal and send it to the recipient to be signed in just two clicks. issues a legally valid certificate … Read moreSMEs also have the right to econtract