Passation électronique de contrats pour PME

SMEs also have the right to econtract

econtracting for SME's

We are happy to announce  our latest service Connectaclick Basic, now  available in Tools. The service is intended to facilitate electronic contracting.

With Connectaclick Basic anyone can create a template for email messages, attach a contract proposal and send it to the recipient to be signed in just two clicks. issues a legally valid certificate providing the sender and recipient email addresses, the content of the message and its delivery to the recipient mail box, the exact time of the acceptance of the contract and  IP of origin.

Everyday eContracting for SMEs.

A simple and common contracting process for daily contracts. Particularly helpful for freelancers and SMEs having to manage several relationships with customers and suppliers and who are in the need of simple and secure tools. In a nutshell, that is what Connectaclick Basic is for.

Upgrades will be added to Connectaclick Basic, improving it to suit all needs. For any doubts email us at or visit our webpage.

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