Lost in translation: Japan

… And it happens that Jordi Ramon (R&D Manager) and the undersigned Abdón Salom (CTO), after interminable hours of endless flight and 22 hours awake, we landed Tokyo. Because we had a mission and that mission cannot failed: to assure Lleida.net infection runs its course.

We are used to do that kind of job; it is not an easy-peasy -lemon-squeezy job but after all, we were programmed for that… so what could go wrong? The answer was close, very close.

First, not allowed entering the DATACENTER, because our id cards were not valid (it seemed there were some data missing), second not being able to plug servers because the plugs brought with us from Spain seemed not to be the correct ones, third a bad router configuration drove us crazy until Mrs. Yukiki Takemura, NTT Network Engineer checked our settings and found the bug. Thanks Mrs. Takemura!

Everything up and running we hold a meeting in AOS main offices with Mr.Takahiro Yonekawa AOS CTO. Thanks God, we technicians in general, master the Enklingish language (English + Klingon)… More than seven hours talking on servers (types, network architecture, security, backups) on  SMPP connections, number ranking ,time stamping…), so as to be able to get everything ready to launch Dealin9 and Registered e-mail in our joint platform at Japan IT week autumn .

Our mission was coming to its end, but we could not leave the land of the rising sun without some really crucial issue… SIGHTSEEING!

On Saturday MrTakahiro Yonekawa and Noriko Harada, (AOS Network Manager) arranged an amazing Tokyo express tour, and we were treated as emperors.

And although we were the special agents of this mission, we were not the real heroes (let´s sing the American anthem). Our success is due to the people who during three months with their skills, professionalism, enthusiasm and hard work help us to achieve our goal. Setting and checking all the severs, preparing the Japanese version of our tools, adapting all the processes of generating certificates in Japanese, looking for Lleida.net code as an export company (otherwise our severs would not have passed the Japanese frontier), trying to find the best, and more convenient accommodation for us… Simply put, it´s our people.

This project might be seen as small step for mankind, but a giant leap for Lleidanet.

dōmo arigatō gozaimasu !

Abdón Salom Ma

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