Lleida.net Opens San Francisco office, drives international expansion

  • Lleida.net office opens is San Francisco. The opening is a reflection of the company growth.
  • Lleida.net is a telecommunication operator in the US and has agreements with most of the U.S. phone companies.
El puente de San Francisco, Golden Gate. Manel Cervera
El puente de San Francisco, Golden Gate. Manel Cervera

Lleida- San Francisco, 26 Nov 2013. Lleida.net is expanding internationally by opening an office in San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco – the city by the bay is known worldwide for its, exceptional hospitality, rich history and exciting culture. San Francisco’s economy has increasingly become tied to San Jose and Silicon Valley. San Francisco became an epicenter of the Dot-Com bubble of the 1990s, and the subsequent Web 2.0 boom of the late 2000’s.

Lleida.net international expansion began with the opening of its London, UK office in 2009 and it is continuing its growth globally. This is Lleida.net second US location. Lleidanet opened its first North American office in Miami, 2009 because Miami is considered the gateway to South America. In its turn San Francisco office will be the central decision-taking responsible for the challenge of expansion to and from the United States.

Javier Irisarri, telecoms engineer with extensive experience in opening the way for telecoms international companies in Asia, Spain, South America, and US will be responsible of the San Francisco office.

Silicon Valley gave birth to the flurry of internet startups that resulted in the technology bubble in the late 1990s. Home to some of the most seasoned entrepreneurs in the US, the areas surrounding San Jose have more startups than anywhere else in the world. Internet powerhouses like Google, Whatsapp! and Facebook are just a few of the big names that rely on all the amazing talent that resides in and around Silicon Valley and Lleida.net business model (innovative and global) may be helpful for rolling out such business, added Irisarri .

Sisco Sapena, CEO de Lleida.net: these companies far from killing SMS (as it was thought) have become one of the biggest users of SMS at this stage.

Lleida.net as a US telecommunications operator, has signed agreements with the major US companies. Our services are widely accepted, easy to implement and in this highly competitive market there is a need for effective and simple implementation, underlines Javier Irisarri.

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