Solidarity Plastic Bottle Caps

Since its beginning, has had its Corporate Social Responsibility in mind, participating in solidarity campaigns the collection campaign for the Food Banks, has among its providers entities which work for social inclusion like “Associació Alba”, sponsors sport clubs like H.C Alpicat, some teams of Club Bàsquet Lleida and carries out other social actions. We … Read more Solidarity Plastic Bottle Caps

Finovate Spring 2019: you in Lleida me in San Francisco

At 6: 00 P.M the plane landed at Oakland’s airport having landed at 2 P.M in Spain.  Just 4 hours to cross the ocean? Not really. You had to count the 9-hour difference between the Catalan and Californian coast . For a young adult who had never been to the U.S.A before this was the beginning … Read more Finovate Spring 2019: you in Lleida me in San Francisco

Transformative law with

The digital world made a big push in the city of Valladolid on 8-11 May. Concepts such as legaltech, IOT, cybersecurity, social networks, digital rights, e-sports, blockchain, start-up, drones, digital testing, robots, bots and chatbots were in the air  of the XII Congreso Nacional de la Abogacía. During those four days people attending the Congress … Read more Transformative law with