Registered SMS for demands for payment on a defaulted loan

Text messaging is a convenient way to communicate.  It allows you to communicate without send notifications without waiting for confirmation of physical paper delivery. For businesses who regularly need to visit a postal office, the time wasted is worse than wasting money. According to a report by the UK government, 66% percent of SME users said … Read more

Privacy Regulations and Blockchain. Consumer Rights vs Immutable Records (1/2)

Are Blockchain Systems GDPR Compliant? Do Blockchain Systems guarantee Consumers’ Rights granted by recent regulations? While studying the new GDPR and other “Personal Data Protection and Privacy Laws”, many organizations are realizing that, most of the “Blockchain Applications” and “Blockchain Projects” are becoming “non-compliant” in the European Union, as well as in an increasing number … Read more

Privacy Regulations and Blockchain.- Consumer Rights vs Immutable Records (2/2)

A solution might be to “split” information in a way that allows “Personal Information to be stored separately form the Blockchain” But as per these Regulations (eg: GDPR), Personal Information includes not only “Name, Last Name, Address, etc.” (considered to “identify” a person), but also other sensitive or non-sensitive information, like Mobile Phone Numbers, Email … Read more