Bio-Cord, really pleased with Registered email contract

Would you like to know how Bio-Cord has speed up time and resources thanks to Registered email contract? Registered email contract is a user-friendly and efficient service, providing the legal certainty to sign contracts and agreements remotely. There is no doubt that replacing slow and expensive processes with quick and easy processes is a sound … Read more Bio-Cord, really pleased with Registered email contract

SMS de calidad, clave para verse

High quality sms is of utmost importance to Verse

Electronic messaging, text messaging, email, instant messaging all of them provides real-time text transmission. SMS authentication is one of the authentication methods requiring not only immediacy but also reliability, the users has to receive the SMS. There are operators offering low cost SMS though delivery rate and delays in the delivery are included in the … Read more High quality sms is of utmost importance to Verse

zurich and Zurich sign agreement

It is said that summer’s a time to relax. However, we  at, make the most of any season to broaden market and grow internationally. From 20 July and for the next three years, we will provide ZURICH INSURANCE PLC and ZURICH VIDA COMPAÑÍA DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS SA. electronic notification and contracting services. These  services will … Read more and Zurich sign agreement

reclamador utilizará el correo electrónico certificado de

reclamador moves on to Registered email

reclamador operates a flight claims website that offers services for flight cancellation, overbooking, incidents related to luggage, banks, telephone operators or  insurance companies. To this end, it has a strong team of lawyers throughout Spain. It works under a No Win, No Fee model, i.e if you do not get results, no fees are charged. … Read more reclamador moves on to Registered email

GALP embarks digital transformation

Raúl Tapias Herranz, ‎Sales Manager B2C , Galp Energia España explains how the digitization of the sales processes helps to achieve total control of the sale process. Raul, what is your main job function in Galp Energia? Raúl Tapias (A) – I am in charge of Residential Market in Galp Energia Gas&Power Division Q –  What … Read more GALP embarks digital transformation