Registered SMS for demands for payment on a defaulted loan

Text messaging is a convenient way to communicate.  It allows you to communicate without send notifications without waiting for confirmation of physical paper delivery. For businesses who regularly need to visit a postal office, the time wasted is worse than wasting money. According to a report by the UK government, 66% percent of SME users said … Read more

Digital transformation in today’s business world (2/2)

Making use of the new technologies: electronic contract Many sectors have adapted their systems, and their resources to this new reality, they must adapt to this digital era, that is why is leading a project with many companies to automate and optimize their contracting processes generating cost savings and providing its customers an added … Read more

Transformació digital

Digital transformation in today’s business world (1/2)

We are facing a new stage, constantly on the move, revolving around new technologies and the Internet and carrying out major changes and transformations in a globalized world. All these changes are a true revolution in our lives; despite many people is not cognizant of it. The digital age has come to stay definitively among … Read more