Identification, authentication and authorisation

Online access to products and services entails a process with different stages that may seem quite similar if carried out naturally and transparently, although they respond to very different needs:

  • Identification Once the company collects the characteristics that uniquely define the individual, it identifies the individual. My fingerprints and facial features help identify me, thus setting me apart from other people. Companies should know whom they are dealing with; they should identify their customers and ensure the best possible service.

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Global confidence in a digital world

We live in a connected world. Digital transactions travel the world and know no borders. If we  look at the acquisition of goods and services through the Internet, according to the quarterly data published by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), electronic commerce in Spain exceeded 12,200 million euros in 1Q 2020, 11.6% …

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Remote identification: eKYC, proved as a secure platform

Our tool, eKYC, has been proved as a secure remote identification platform. This post will help you find out its mains advantages. Digital life gives us opportunities to carry out our procedures avoiding unnecessary travelling time. Digital banking, digital channels of energy service providers, telecommunications… allow us to carry out many procedures from any device …

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