Hoquei Club Lleida.net Alpicat

We´ve finally done it!

In the sporting arena, as well as in some other fields, calling out We´ve finally done it! is linked to the achievement of great success, to the awareness that all the hard work paid off. Lleida.net Alpicat Hockey Club female team is celebrating their promotion to first Catalan league after proclaiming themselves champions of their …

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The challenges of KYC

You William Blake?”asks one of the two Marshalls, pointing him with a gun, in one of the most famous scenes of Jim Jarmusch’s movie, Dead Man. Yes, I am. Do you know my poetry? “, answer just before killing them, with a single shot at each one. One of the main characters of this postmodern …

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RIU · Remote Identification Unit · Lleida.net

We invite you to RIU video premiere

Boris Pasternak wrote “An unshared happiness is not happiness”. Let me therefore be happy. Sometimes there are things in the broader, inaccurate and careless sense of the word, that makes me thrill. In a completely irrational way, the joys that thing provides is total almost brushing the sudden breath of happiness that comes when least expected. That …

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SMS marketing campaign

Everything you need to know to run a SMS Marketing campaign

For vendors at any online or conventional shop, Black Friday, Christmas, and winter sales are coming. Social networks, websites, mailboxes, and the streets will be inundated with ads which, in a high percentage of cases, will get unnoticed. Unnoticed because there are mechanisms that help our brain to focus by efficiently routing relevant information and …

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