Recently, we have added a new feature to Registered email, namely addendum of access to content.

This new feature is based on our client’s feedback, which we analyse and study in detail, and if it may benefit our users , we develop it and publish.

In this case, this improvement provides added information on the delivery to the recipient of the Registered  email and it includes data relating to the access to the content of the email, based on technical elements of mail client (either a Gmail or Outlook, Thunderbird or MS Outlook, or an application for mobile devices or tablets).

As the certificate is generated when the email is delivered to the server, access to the content is notified with an  addendum, a technical document (technical though explanatory and easy to understand) with the access data we send by email. Therefore, with the entry into service of this new feature, the sender receives two emails: one with the delivery certificate, and another with the addendum of access to content.

This new feature, valid only for html emails, is activated by default for all our customers, and does not involve any extra cost.

We hope you find it useful!

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