Today I received this poster that is meant to be the visual deal sealed many years ago with the director of the Association shelters for women located on the floor below our former office. A poster made by the children sheltered in the centre

Long ago we suffered a DoS attack that forced us to be on duty on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and forced us to spend whole nights in the datacentre. During these days, I often heard a lot of crying on the stairs and I remembered the sound of children weeping …Children crying at Christmas and New Year’s Eve …

Sitting in front of the keyboard, I realized that one of the Christmas hampers we sent to our customers was returned to the office and it was quite a big one. Without giving it a second thought, I removed all liquor, filled the Christmas hamper with candies and brought it to the children.

From that moment onwards, every Christmas they receive a Christmas present. One day I was at my daughters’ paediatrician and I realized that the medical office was full of drawings made by patients. I was envious. So, I made up my mind and decided to decorate our walls with posters too.

I met the centre director and we reached an agreement: In exchange for every Christmas card drawn by the children we were going to give 30 euros gift card so that their mothers could buy them toys for these Christmas season. It was 8 years ago. The current deal has also been extended to 30 euros each birthday for gifts and 30 euros for school supplies per child when they start school.

Today I am proud of our wall and that of the paediatrician



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